(TGP) – After engagement with the public, city staff updated the proposed Parkland Dedication bylaw that will go before the Committee-of-the-Whole meeting on Jan. 14 at City Hall.

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The bylaw requires that developers offer land for public recreation purposes–such as parkland–or instead pay in lieu of parkland, ensuring that green spaces are protected as the city grows.

The changes include moving back the date the bylaw is to become effective from New Years Day to Jan. 31 and cutting standard land values for industrial and commercial purposes.

Additionally, areas of lands that are required to accommodate stormwater management facilities will not be accepted as parkland and a pay-before-building clause was added.

The City of Guelph posted the details online, where residents can read the background to the bylaw which has gone through a lengthy engagement process.

Image from Pexels stock photos.