(TGP) – Public input on the Clair-Maltby secondary plan ends this week on Wednesday, where Guelph residents can give their opinion on the south end’s last undeveloped area.

Link: Have Your Say

There are two surveys that can be filled out on the Have Your Say Guelph page for two Clair-Maltby plans, the Secondary Plan and the Master Environmental Servicing Plan.

The first survey is a consultation on the policy direction of the zone, with the purpose being to “get feedback on the proposed draft directions”. The second form is titled the Visual Preferences Survey.

Over the course of 2018, Clair-Maltby’s Phases 1 and 2 have been completed with a degree of community involvement, including dozens of Council delegations.

The surveys can take over 30 minutes to complete, according to the City of Guelph website.

Image of city hall from The Guelph Post.