After the Liberal Party introduced their 2019 fiscal budget and the Liberal-run justice committee shut down further investigation into the SNC-Lavalin scandal, the Conservative Party in the House of Commons started a “marathon vote” that is continuing.

Andrew Scheer

Also: Jane Philpott’s interview in Maclean’s magazine gave Tories more to fire with, where she said there is “much more to this story” regarding the SNC-Lavalin affair.

Breakdown: The Conservatives have been putting forward consistent votes of no confidence, forcing enough Liberal MPs to stay at the House of Commons to ensure an election isn’t forced.

Video: Watch live via CPAC.

Election: The impact on voters could be minimal. It likely will not convince swing voters to come to the Conservatives side, but it will solidify the base that have more reason to distrust PM Trudeau amidst SNC-Lavalin.

  • Tories want Jody Wilson-Raybould, who is the MP at the centre of the controversy, to return to the justice committee that was investigating whether the PM inappropriately pressured then Attorney General and Justice Minister JWR to not prosecute construction form SNC-Lavalin.
  • The Prime Minister’s Office denies that there was any inappropriate pressure on JWR. Thus, there is a conflict of narrative between the PM and JWR, who, along with MPs Jane Philpott, left cabinet.
  • MP Celina Caeser-Chavannes recently departed the Liberal caucus entirely, shaking faith in self-proclaimed feminist Trudeau. No other MP appears set to leave, CBC has reported.