Three middle-aged men were arrested on warrants and two break and enter reports occurred on Thursday, Guelph Police said in a daily press release on Friday.

A 34-year-old Guelph man was arrested by the Ontario Provincial Police on a warrant for assault and is being held in custody pending a bail hearing.

Another male, 36, was arrested on a warrant for a breach of probation and will appear in court on June 25, the police statement said.

A Waterloo man, 45, was arrested by the city’s police on a provincial offences warrant and turned over to Guelph Police.

At around 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, a male gained access to the fenced in yard of a Wells St. business and caused some property damage before speeding off west bound on York Rd. in a vehicle, police said.

Police also went to a Ramona Ct. for another break and enter case. The culprit or culprits gained entry to a trailer parked in the driveway and stole tools.

Anyone with information about either case are asked to get in contact with police.

Police received six reports of theft from cars on Delhi St., Toronto St., King St., Lowes Rd., Watson Pkwy. South and Cardigan St. on Thursday.

“This crime is easily avoidable,” police said, asking residents to lock their cars and not leave belongings visible. Those impacted by this crime can submit a request via the Guelph Police online reporting portal.