Coun. Leanne Piper on Friday announced she would bring forward a motion to City Council to declare a climate emergency and, as May 27 inches closer, this article will keep a tally of where each of the 13 sit on the motion.

The formal motion, which will be moved by Piper and seconded by James Gordon, says “that the City of Guelph acknowledges the urgency of climate change and declares a global climate emergency”.

It goes on to add “that all future reports of Council contain a section titled Climate Change Implications, that will identify how the recommendations will contribute to meeting the objectives of the CEI and/or Corporate Energy Plan.”

Ward 5’s Piper made the announcement weeks after it appeared she had given up on the effort in favour of action without the declaration, saying that public support and her time in Scotland when the United Kingdom was making a national emergency declaration inspired her to make the motion.


In favour of the motion:

Leanne Piper

James Gordon

Phil Allt

Mike Salisbury

Against the motion:

Mayor Cam Guthrie

Dan Gibson

Mark MacKinnon

Rodrigo Goller


Cathy Downer

Non-responsive to inquires so far:

Bob Bell

June Hofland

Christine Billings

Dominique O’Rourke