During a busy Council meeting Monday night, Mayor Cam Guthrie and the councillors voted unanimously to support a legislative initiative by Guelph’s member of provincial parliament to conserve the Paris Galt Moraine.

MPP Mike Schreiner in February introduced a bill that aims to “protect the drinking water supply for around 200,000 people in Guelph and the surrounding region”, and, if passed, will be the first legislation approved by Queen’s Park from the provincial Green Party.

Three delegates — Susan Watson, Morgan Hannah and Dustin Brown — all spoke in favour of the city supporting the provincial Bill 71. The trio have previously publicly supported environmental conservation initiatives.

Watson, known Green Party member, said that Council supporting the legislation is more than just symbolic, and encouraged councillors to vote in favour.

Hannah chose for her delegation to read out-loud Schreiner’s editorial in the Guelph-Mercury detailing his Paris Galt Moraine Conservation Act in February. Hannah is an active member of the Green Party and was wearing green, but was not speaking on his behalf.

First-time delegate Brown, a University of Guelph Ph.D student in environmental-related studies, also spoke in favour of the legislation. He is a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion Guelph — though he was delegating as an individual.

Though Schreiner himself was not at the Council meeting, federal Green candidate Steve Dyck was in attendance as well as various other Green supporters.

The passed resolution will be sent to numerous stakeholders including Schreiner’s office, nearby conservation authorities and several Ontario municipalities and counties.

Story originally posted on ThatGuelph.