GUELPH — The New Democratic Party riding association held a “social” at the downtown Planet Bean on Saturday afternoon that they hailed as “successful” as Green Party MPP Mike Schriener held his monthly “Coffee Chat” at the east end branch.

NDP ‘social’ event on May 4, 2019.

At least 25 people came by the New Democrat gathering, including people that are not members of the party. One individual in search of Schriener’s afternoon chat showed up at the downtown establishment but stayed to learn more about the NDP.

The Green Party initially had their event scheduled for earlier in the day, according to one New Democrat, but changed the start time on Friday to 3 p.m., the same time that the NDP opened the doors to their talks.

MPP Schreiner was scheduled to speak at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce AGM that morning and that is why the time was moved for the coffee meetup, his office said.

New Democrat organizers said that their conversations were a success and they feel energized “to take on” a federal campaign” ending in October. The NDP are encouraging those interested to renew or get a membership to be able to vote in an upcoming leadership contest.

One attendee, Daniel Nardone, arrived at Planet Bean ready to hear from Schriener, but he was in the wrong location. By the end of the New Democrat social, he had donated $5 but was torn between the joining the NDP or the Greens ahead of the fall election, he told The Guelph Post.

A recent projection released by 338Canada found that the Green Party was 2 per cent behind the Liberals in Guelph, in a city that has had Liberal legislators for much of the last 15 years. The New Democrats were trailing behind the Conservatives in the projection.

Images by Eli Ridder. Reporting by Eli Ridder.