A man who identified himself as Bradley Hunt to The Guelph Post on Tuesday has spent hours protesting in front of the Ontario Court of Justice downtown in recent days against what he sees as the perpetration of “economic genocide” by the office of the Canadian attorney general.

Standing on the east sidewalk of Wyndham St. S, Hunt argued that financial inequality is growing and a divide is forcing the bottom of society into extreme poverty, explaining that rising costs of food and rent is forcing people to the streets, with some freezing to death on the sidewalks at unprecedented levels.

Protesting in front of the Ontario Court of Justice / Image supplied.

“The attorney general is under obligation to ensure that every Canadian is in possession of adequate food, clothing, and shelter; however, their office is currently engaged in negligence towards the people by refusing to comply with their legal obligations,” Hunt argued in a Facebook post.

“Instead of providing the peoples of Canada with the things that they are owed the attorney general’s office is engaged in economic genocide by killing the people they are required to provide the necessities of life.”

Hunt posted that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms — which he says is the supreme law of Canada — guarantees the right to life. He argues that the Charter is being interpreted “in a manner that allows for the genocide of the people”, saying that genocide is illegal, including the “perpetration of circumstances”.

Hunt continues to say that the legal community is “deliberately undermining the rights of the poor to perpetuate their own profits” — not allowing for those near the bottom of society to access justice easily and that the “rights of the impecunious are made illusory and they are left defenceless.”

“It is time for the people to take control back, or be left for dead. If you do not rise now, you very well may die. There are countless individuals being pushed to the streets to die in poverty while the wealth of the upper class perpetually plunders the lower class into an ever-growing debt,” he added in the social media post.

“This is a wake-up call to mankind – it is time to rise again. You must stand and fight now while you still can; we must demand our suffering cease. It is time to fight for your life.”

Hunt, who first protested in front of the Court of Justice on Friday, told The Guelph Post during his second protest on Tuesday afternoon that he hopes others will join him once the message gets out. He started a Facebook page for his efforts Tuesday evening called Fight For Your Life.

The Guelph Post has reached out for more details from Hunt on his efforts and a request for comment has been sent to the office of Attorney General David Lametti. It was not immediately clear what Hunt’s vocation is or if he has been active in the community before.

Hunt was born and raised in Guelph but is currently a student at the University of Windsor and lives there.

Reporting by Eli Ridder.