A report by the Capital and Renewable Projects Department to the Upper Grand District School Board revealed on Wednesday that it estimates a project to build a new secondary school will be completed by 2022.

It was in early 2018 when the province approved the construction of the first new public high school in Guelph for over 50 years. It was announced then it would be at the intersection of Arkell and Victoria Rd. in the south end.

The project, which aims to lighten accommodation pressures, was part of a set of provincial investments to build 39 new high schools and renovate an additional 40 across Ontario.

The province is investing about $25.5 million into the new Guelph school, which is expected to accommodate nearly 900 secondary students — though the board originally asked for 1,200 students. But future expansions are recommended to be incorporated into the final design.

The next steps include a procurement process to find an architect who will be presented to the elected Board of Trustees, according to a press release from the UGDSB.

The Progressive Conservative provincial government has not given any indication that the project will be cancelled, a trustee speaking on background told The Post.

Board spokesperson Heather Loney told Global News that “board staff are continuing through our timelines as scheduled”, building the fourth public secondary school, the first since CCVI opened in 1967.

The school board trustee responsible for the south end, Jolly Bedi, told The Post she would respond with comment in short time.

Principal moves

Also in the Board Meeting Highlights are several principal and vice-principal appointments and transfers that were listed.

The following Principal transfers are effective Sept. 3, 2019:

  • Saskia Marquis from Ken Danby PS to Victoria Terrace PS
  • Blair Conrad from Waverley Drive PS to Ken Danby PS
  • Natasha Skerritt from Sir Isaac Brock PS to Salem PS
  • Chad Guyitt from Eramosa PS to Sir Isaac Brock PS
  • Tammy Reiner from Grand Valley & District PS (acting) to Drayton PS
  • Rhonda Gingrich from Centre Peel PS to Victoria Cross PS
  • Christine Kay from June Avenue PS to Centre Peel PS
  • Shannon Spike from Princess Margaret PS to Alma PS
  • Mark Turner from Princess Margaret PS (acting) to Princess Margaret PS
  • Brent Ellery from Elora PS to Montgomery Village PS
  • Curt McQueen from W.C. Winegard PS to Elora PS
  • Rochelle Murray-Cako from Central PS to W.C. Winegard PS
  • Donna McMillan from Harris Mill PS to Central PS

The following Principal appointments are effective Sept. 3, 2019:

  • Amy Ewing from Waverley Drive PS (VP) to Waverley Drive PS
  • Trisha Drohan-Brodeur from Jean Little PS (VP) to Eramosa PS
  • Jill Woytko from Kortright Hills PS (VP) to June Avenue PS
  • Tim Dickieson from Westminster Woods PS (VP) to Maryborough PS
  • Carla Anderson from John Galt PS (VP) to Victory PS
  • Shashana Hare from Paisley Road PS (VP) to Harris Mill PS

The following Vice-Principal transfers are effective Sept. 3, 2019:

  • Andrew Cloutier from Westwood PS to Westminster Woods PS
  • Jason Boyce from Arthur PS to Minto-Clifford PS
  • Barbra Tomkins from Princess Elizabeth PS to Arthur PS
  • Dan Ardis from Hyland Heights ES to Princess Elizabeth PS
  • Andrea Papavasiliou from Princess Margaret PS to Hyland Heights ES
  • Lindsey Tremblay from King George PS to John Galt PS
  • Shan Robertson from Brisbane PS to Island Lake PS

The following Vice-Principal appointments are effective Sept. 3, 2019:

  • Jennifer Oussoren to Waverley Drive PS
  • Deanne Prins to Jean Little PS
  • Dawn Airdrie-Donovan to Elora PS
  • Jackie Irwin to Kortright Hills PS
  • Ibrahim Akyol to Westwood PS
  • Kelley Jones to King George PS
  • Sheena Grinwis to Paisley Road PS
  • Blayne Primeau to Rickson Ridge PS
  • Marianne Millsap to Centennial Hylands PS