GUELPH — Mark Paralovos, who is running to be the People’s Party of Canada’s candidate for this riding, told The Guelph Post in a lengthy interview on Wednesday that his party is the only true Canadian conservative party but also wants to work with others for the betterment of the country.

Paralovos is running against Matthew Dobbin and party members will decide who their candidate is come this Saturday at 1 p.m. in the Birch Room of the Victoria Road Recreation Centre. Dobbin has yet to respond to inquires from The Guelph Post regarding his candidacy.

“I wanted to run because, from Justin Trudeau to local politicians, it is difficult to get a straight answer from anybody,” Paravolos first said, explaining that he watches politics at the federal level during his spare time. He revealed that he voted for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2015 expecting change and transparency.

“My political journey was an enthusiastic Justin Trudeau supporter to very disillusioned with Trudeau and the Liberal Party from top to bottom”, including local Member of Parliament Lloyd Longfield, Paravolos said, emphasizing that he likes Longfield “personally” but said that there has been a lack of honesty from his office.

The Guelph entrepreneur said that he cares about the impact of federal policies on the city of Guelph, giving the example of visiting the city’s MP ahead of the legalization of cannabis and expressing his concerns over changes to driving laws accompanying the legislation.

“The reason that I’m involved is because, my goodness, I want to have policy questions and discussions with constituents and with government and I want an answer,” Paralovos detailed, emphasizing that one could even say “an expletive answer”.

Paralovos, 37, was born in Guelph and has lived most of his life in the city, where he is raising a family with his wife. He runs a local technology firm with several staff underneath him and previously worked for 15 years with children’s mental health — experience he says will allow him to work well with other people in government.

Paralovos was also the first head of the People’s Party riding association in Guelph and this has been the face of the fledging party in this riding since it was founded late last year. The nominee is no stranger to Guelph politics, running in 2014 in an unsuccessful bid for city council in Ward 2.


Before his interview with The Guelph Post, Paralovos released this video.

If Paravolos is chosen as the candidate for the People’s Party in Guelph, he will go up against acclaimed Liberal MP Lloyd Longfield, the Green Party’s Steve Dyck and candidates from the New Democratic Party and Conservative Party.

A full and detailed report on the interview Paralovos had with The Guelph Post will be published on Thursday, which dives into his beliefs regarding the federal race, the candidates in Guelph and why those supporting the Greens and the Conservative Party should consider the People’s Party of Canada.

Image of Mark Paralovos from Ignite Guelph website. Reporting by Eli Ridder.