Premier Doug Ford is now less popular than his predecessor Kathleen Wynne and support for his ruling Progressive Conservative Party has dropped behind the Liberals and New Democrats, according to a Mainstreet Research poll released on Thursday.

The new poll, which has a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points and is accurate 19 times out of 20, found that 19.9 per cent of respondents say they had a favourable opinion of Ford, while 73.4 had a negative one.

Ford’s PC Party is not faring much better. The ruling PCs were placed in third at 22.4 per cent of decided and leaning voters saying they would vote in favour of the party if an election were held now.

The Liberals, who came last and were sent to non-party status last June, held 39.9 per cent of decided and leaning voters’ support in the poll while the New Democratic Party clinched 24.2 per cent under Andrea Horwath.

The Progressive Conservatives swept the provincial election with 40.5 per cent of the popular vote and 76 seats while the NDP had 33.6 per cent and the former ruling party sunk to a low 19.9 per cent.

“We have never seen an incumbent premier reach these depths in popular opinion with barely a year into his mandate,” the president of Mainstreet Research, Quito Maggi, said in a statement, adding that “his support is collapsing.”

Varying polls have been released recently that show a uniform drop in the polls for the Ontario government.

A Pollara survey from last week found that the PCs dropped double digits but did not give the Liberals as much as a rebound as the Mainstreet poll, while the New Democrats holding steady at 33.6 per cent.

An Environics poll that was commissioned by the union CUPE Ontario and CUPE Local 79 found that seven out of 10 residing in the province are less likely to vote for the PC Party due to cuts to healthcare.