Cineplex has teamed up with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment to bring the opening Raptors game in the NBA finals to theatres across the country, but Guelph’s viewing party scheduled for 9 p.m. on Thursday has sold out.

Tickets are available for the first four games in-person at the Woodlawn Rd. Galaxy Cinemas Guelph, according to the Cineplex website. Though they are free, they are limited to two tickets per person.

Toronto’s team is headed to the National Basketball Association finals in an attempt to win the championship for the first time in its 25-year history, after beating the Milwaukee Bucks in a tight game last Saturday.

However, Mayor Cam Guthrie said on Thursday that he has reached out to staff to see about getting a public viewing in Guelph, as several other cities have done across the province.

In several replies on Twitter to residents wondering if Guelph can hold a similar live TV event like Toronto, Mississauga and other nearby municipalities, Guthrie said “staff are already investigating”.