Within the home of Guelph on social network Reddit, residents were divided on Wednesday and Thursday over an Ontario Provincial Police “ticket blitz” on Highway 6, better known as the Hanlon Parkway.

It started with a post warning of the “blitz”, where a local user said “I’ve seen people pulled over every morning this week so far, and police setup at Laird Rd, either on the onramps or under the overpass. Watch your speed!”

The purported hike in speeding tickets appear to have taken place during a two-day traffic safety blitz on the highway that was carried out by the Ontario Provincial Police on Monday and Tuesday.

The #SafeOn6 initiative involved at least 50 officers from various detachments out earlier this week and stretches from Lake Erie to Georgian Bay, OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said in a statement ahead of the initiative.

They were focusing on the “big four” leading causes of death on Ontario highways: impaired, distracted and aggressive driving, and people who do not strap in their seatbelts. Police also looked at criminal behaviour and commercial vehicles.

“It’s about time,” one user by the name SlothySnail posted in reply, saying that “people drive absolutely insane on the hanlon, as if it’s the 401 or something. I hope they [all] get tickets. The police are never around when I see people doing that.”

The speed limit on Highway 6 is 80 km/h but many residents in Guelph has called for the Halon to be bumped up to a major expressway with overpasses and 400 Highway series speed limits that would add at least 20 km/h to the current limit.

There are plans in the works that were about to move ahead under the previous provincial government to carry out an upgrade, but the project has stalled under the Progressive Conservatives. An extension of the highway to Kitchener was one project now in apparent limbo.

“I have to say 80 [km/h] feels insanely slow to drive on that road and 100 [km/h] seems more like the common minimum speed drive on there,” an account called Fogest added.

In total, there were 35 comments on the original post: a mix of those that criticized the low limits on Guelph’s only major highway, praised the police action and others that added more tidbits to the discussion.

One reply to the speeding warning was an account by the name of Terrible Tortoise recalling a “charge of speeding” against beer entrepreneur John Sleeman, who was going 148 km/h along the Hanlon, according to a press release.

The Guelph Post has reached out to the OPP for more information around their efforts on the Hanlon.