GUELPH — A day after Progressive Conservative legislator Sam Oosterhoff created controversy with pro-life comments, Member of Provincial Parliament Mike Schreiner made it clear that he is pro-choice in regards to abortion on Friday.

“It’s simple,” Schreiner, who is also the Green Party leader, wrote on Twitter, saying that he is pro-choice when it comes to abortion because “every woman has the right to control their own body.”

Oosterhoff, of the Niagara West riding, pledged on Thursday to make abortion “unthinkable in our lifetime”, a commebt made after the 21-year-old legislator left question period to support an anti-abortion rally on the Queen’s Park lawn. He was joined by two other PC MPPs.

When legislators returned to question period, the issue was brought up in the Legislative Assembly by New Democratic Party lawmakers, who asked Premier Doug Ford if he supports a woman’s right to choose and if he supported the views of the three in his caucas who left for the rally.

The premier brushed the questions aside, referring it to the energy minister who avoided giving an answer on behalf of the party.

Later on, after pressure from the media, Ford released a statement saying “the Ontario PC Party is a big tent. We welcome members from a wide variety of backgrounds and beliefs.”

“Our government is focused on protecting what matters most, cleaning up a fiscal mess left behind by the Liberals, making Ontario open for business and open for jobs, and lowering taxes for families. The Government will not re-open the abortion debate.”

Oosterhoff is a partial two-term lawmaker as he was initially elected in a by-election and then kept his seat in June 2018. Ford and his PC government swept to power last year in a dramatic campaign that saw the Liberals reduced to less-than party status and the New Democrats claim the Official Opposition.

Schreiner was the sole Green MPP elected in a historic first.

Reporting by Eli Ridder.