Projections for the Guelph riding by 338Canada, an election tracker by Maclean’s magazine poll analyst P.J. Fournier, largely remained the same on Sunday, with the Green Party still leading the Liberals and the Conservatives moving up slightly.

When the May 5 projection was posted, the local Greens had just chosen Steve Dyck in a contested nomination contest as their fall federal election candidate and his party had edged out the Liberals by 1.7 per cent, however, the Liberals led in the three following projections until June 2.

The Greens sat at 33.8 per cent on June 2, but dropped down to 33.4 per cent, according to the projections. The Liberals also dropped slightly and the local Conservatives were bumped up to 24.9 per cent as the New Democrats continue a steady rise at 10.4 per cent.

Dyck and the Greens will have to unseat an incumbent and overthrow a quarter-century of Liberal rule in Guelph if Dyck wants to be the MP. He faces Liberal Lloyd Longfield, Conservative Ashish Sachan, People’s Party of Canada candidate Mark Paralovos and a candidate from the New Democrats.