New Democratic Party nominee Andy McCann-Pappin held his campaign launch on Wednesday evening at The Cornerstone downtown Guelph, attracting a variety of NDP members throughout the night.

His nominee campaign launch comes a day after his competitor for the New Democrat candidacy, Aisha Jahangir, launched her race for the candidacy. McCann-Pappin, a longtime political activist and strategist, gave an extensive interview with The Post the same day.

There were several people sitting around the tables put together for the conversations that McCann-Pappin held with interested New Democrats. Unlike Jahangir, the nominee shied away from making any sort of speech to the attendees, but focused more on answering questions.

When the conversation turned to his competition, McCann-Pappin said that the one-on-one, face-to-face approach he was taking in the small, tight-knit coffee shop chat was carrying though to the rest of his nomination campaign.

He said that he did not need a campaign manager to call people for him, in an apparent reference to Jahangir’s manager David Josephy calling some on the New Democrat membership list on behalf of the female nominee.

Most of the conversation was around McCann-Pappin’s thoughts on national politics and how he would run a campaign for member of parliament in Guelph, which was also discussed in-depth during the Tuesday interview.

A question was asked of McCann-Pappin about how he would convince residents in the riding to vote for the NDP over the Green Party. He said that the Green candidate, Steve Dyck, was for capitalistic market solutions to solve the climate change issue, explaining that it was the market that caused the environmental situation that we find ourselves in currently.

Coun. James Gordon, who has endorsed McCann-Pappin, attended the launch, as did activist Dustin Brown, who was there to learn more about the nominee. Others, mostly current New Democrats, also stopped in. There were about 10 people in total throughout the night.