To keep the 33rd annual Guelph and District Multicultural Festival free, organizers said in a message to The Post on Tuesday that they need community support to raise the funds.

The festival runs solely on sponsorships from local business, government grants, and volunteers but in recent years it has become more difficult to fund the event, its executive director said.

“The festival has been here for 32 years. We’ve always been there and there’s always been community support, but things have changed the past few years and it’s making it more and more difficult,” the executive, Meher Parakh, said.

This year, the GDMF has set up a crowdfunding page on Go Fund Me with all proceeds going to fund the festival, held from June 7 to June 9 at Riverside Park in the north east end of Guelph.

It features local and international cuisine, youth activities, cultural performances and live entertainment. It began as a small downtown gathering in 1978, organized by the Multicultural Centre board of directors.