Sensitivity Warning

A dead body was discovered by Ken Danby Public School students on Tuesday behind a dumpster in the plaza located at Starwood Dr. and Grange Dr. in the east end of Guelph.

The Post has compiled a point-by-point list of all information both publicly known and passed on from witnesses. For the original and updating story, tap here.

  • Police were responding to an incident near Ken Danby school early on Tuesday afternoon, saying that there was no threat to public safety.
  • Ken Danby sent a letter home to parents and guardians of students at Ken Danby giving these details: A group of schoolchildren found a “deceased person” while off school property.
Letter given to parents.
  • Three witnesses (an anonymous city employee, Ashley Gelsinger, and a 3 for 1 Pizza employee arriving for work as emergency services removed the body) independently told The Post that there was the body of a young male individual who was found behind a dumpster.
  • Police later confirmed a body was found, though did not specify that it was behind a dumpster.
  • Ken Danby’s letter said the kids told an adult right away and a witness who knows the employees said the person they told was the 3 for 1 Pizza employee working at the time, Mohammad Ahmadi, who confirmed the details to The Post.
  • Witnesses said that the kids said the man was sleeping but when Ahmadi went to check on the body, he found the individual was dead.
  • Police said there was no danger to the public and the city employee and a different 3 for 1 Pizza employee said that it appeared the deceased had overdosed.
  • The dead man was 18-years-old, multiple witnesses said on Tuesday, but police said early on Wednesday morning that the deceased was actually 30.
  • Both witnesses said it was not likely a murder and were shocked something like this would happen in their neighbourhood.

The police put out a formal statement on Wednesday morning, confirming that a dead body was found in the plaza.

Editor’s Note: We ask that people refrain from commenting the name of the deceased or the name of the children involved in the incident — unless announced by authorities publicly — out of respect for all parties involved. This is a tragic incident and our thoughts are withthe families and kids.