Sensitivity Warning

A long-awaited inquiry carried out by the government found that Canada is complicit in a national genocide against Indigenous women, a report looking into the murdered and missing concluded on Monday morning.

The 1,200-page report from the inquiry launched by Prime Minster Justin Trudeau in 2016 found that Indigenous women are 12 times more likely to be killed or to disappear than other women in the country.

The inquiry blames the violence on long-standing discrimination against Canada’s first nations and the government’s failure in protecting them, calling it a “race-based genocide”.

The report, called “Reclaiming Power and Place”, calls on the government to create a national action plan to address inequality around issues such as housing, education and healthcare as part of 231 “calls for justice” — which are presented as legal imperatives rather than optional recommendations.

British Columbia judge and the inquiry’s chief commissioner, Marion Buller, said “the genocide will continue unless all Canadians find the strength, courage and vision to build a new decolonized relationship with each other based on respect and self-determination”.

Commissioner Michele Audette asked that every word in the national inquiry’s final report be honoured “so we can live instead of survive”, calling for change on the part of the government.

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Upon receiving the report, the prime minister said he was humbled and grateful. His ruling Liberal government has had a mixed response from Indigenous People’s.