Local journalist Adam Donaldson pointed out how little say cities have when it comes to affairs in the province of Ontario, especially under the new one-year-old government, in his weekly column on Saturday.

Bill 108, known as the More Homes, More Choices Act, amends 13 statutes governing development charges, the protection of endangered species and more.

Donaldson writes that it is a clear “reminder that cities don’t really get to control their own destiny in Ontario.” 

Though, it was not passed without resistance, including from Guelph’s own mayor, Cam Guthrie, and the alliance of large urban mayors that he leads.

Donaldson argued in “Market Squared” that the Progressive Conservatives approach to governance has created an atmosphere of unpredictability.

The PCs recently offered $7.35 million for cities and school boards to find 4 per cent efficiencies, “apparently unaware that people directly responsible for budgeting are always on the look out for ways to save”, the editor of Guelph Politico wrote.

The tensions between municipalities and the province even created a showdown between conservative mayors and a conservative premier, though a premier, Donaldson argues, that views Ontario cites as “second-class”.

The full column can be read via GuelphToday.