A staff report that was sent to Council on Friday says that Guelph’s termite population significantly dropped in 2018, nearly half the amount of the insects that were trapped the previous year.

The Termite Control Program’s Annual Report, completed in May, said that a dozen properties were upgraded from red status to blue status, meaning the property has not had any termite activity in three years.

A further 39 blue properties were reclassified as white status as there was recording termite activity in the location for at least five years.

The control program’s monitoring has been downgraded to a part time status for 2019 and 2020 due to the “shrinking area in need of further monitoring”, with plans to end the initiative by 2020.

The small amount of termite activity that remained in 2018 allowed the program to “highly focused management efforts” to tackle what remained.

The relative size of white zones increased significantly from 2007 to 2019, a graph from the program finds. In 2010, the earliest available year in the report, some 900,000 termites were trapped and there were 100 total active properties.

The amount of terminates trapped last year was 20,000. The amount of active properties increased to 104 in 2011 but then rapidly and consistently dropped to reach the eight active in 2018.