Developer Michael Finoro is bringing an application to the Committee of Adjustment on Thursday afternoon requesting a bypass around the rule of an open sight line to the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate so he can build an apartment building on Cork Street.

Finoro aims to build the four-story development at 9 and 11 Cork St. on the hill that leads up to the church, which would break a bylaw limiting the height of buildings to 343.51 metres by within a specific viewing area. If the building was approved, it would be 2.5 metres over the limit.

Visual included in committee agenda.

“Planning staff are of the opinion that the requested variance is minor in nature, desirable and meets the general intent and purpose of the Official Plan and Zoning By-law,” planning services staff write in the meeting’s addendums.

The committee, which is made up of individuals appointed by Council, meets starting at 4 p.m. in the city hall council chambers, with the Cork Street application first up on the agenda.

Community activist Susan Watson told The Post she finds the process of the application “extremely alarming”, saying she believes that this development is a city-wide issue as it impacts an important Guelph landmark and should be instead going to Council over the committee.

The committee of adjustment deals with issues that only impact small areas of the city, such as the neighbours of a proposed development. Another development just up the road from 9 Cork St. did go to Council several times but was voted against being built because of its height.