A bench on a downtown walking trail caught fire on Thursday evening and the fire department said the most likely cause was a discarded cigarette butt.

The fire started initially after a small pile of dried leaves under the bench caught alight, the Guelph Fire Department said on Friday morning.

They quickly attended the fire and put it out. There were no injuries reported from this incident.

The fire department did not disclose which walking trail the fire took place on.

“The Guelph Police Service reminds the community to be careful when discarding cigarette butts, and to only dispose of them in designated places,” the service said in a press release.

Bike stolen

Separately, police said that on Thursday a bicycle and other items were stolen from a garage.

The theft took place at a residential property in the east end, police said Friday.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police and the service reminded the public to “be vigilant” in locking all of their property.