There was an early morning car crash in the east end on Tuesday morning, according to witnesses that were at the scene at Woodlawn Rd. and Victoria Rd. — with photos showing at least two damaged vehicles.

Saphire Destinee Muise was driving home after dropping her fiancé off at work when she saw one vehicle headed southbound and one headed northbound. The northbound car turned left in front of the southbound vehicle, causing the cars to collide into each other Muise told The Post.

After the crash, one car ended up in the middle of the intersection and the other was on the lawn of an apartment building. Muise stopped to take photos and have a coffee as she watched emergency services arrive on-scene.

The vehicle on the grass had it horn activated until firefighters turned it off, Muise said. The driver was talking with police and firefighters from on his back beside the car.

One of the drivers was in his 20s and the other was an “elderly man”, the witness added. The driver that ended up on the lawn was the older individual.

Guelph Police have not confirmed the details of the crash at this point.