A video shared by a now management economics and finance graduate of his convocation was gathering some local attention on Wednesday — the video only has a few hundred views at this point but it is being shared across social media.

Terren Rule made the video as part of a “vlogging” challenge to post a video every single day for a year on YouTube. The convocation video was number 362.

“Naturally, graduating is a big steppingstone in life, therefore I wish to share this with my audience,” Rule told The Post. The fresh alumnus said he has been passionate about creating video content and telling stories since he was a “little boy”, adding that “it has never escaped me”.

“This past year I have had many sleepless nights — by choice — to create entertaining video content for my audience to tune into,” he added, saying “in other words, I simply love taking parts of my day and turning it into a story for others to enjoy.”