A former Guelph realtor that was sent to prison after murdering a woman and her daughter in 1989 by pouring gasoline on them and lighting a fire and burning the victims.

Ed Dakin, now 76, had been on day parole and living at a halfway house for the past 17 months but was granted full parole at a hearing last month by a two-member parole board panel.

“Victim statements on file document the long-term pain and suffering endured by the victims, and their family members, several of whom made the trip to observe the hearing today,” the parole board writes in the decision document.

“The Board attributes weight to the victim statement presented at the hearing,” they continue, adding that even after three decade, the feeling of loss and effort to honour the memory of the victims has not ebbed.

In the past, Dakin would not accept full responsibility for the deaths, instead claiming that it was accidental and he was only trying to scare his ex-girlfriend.

This time, however, the parole board found he had “come to accept responsibility and are accountable for the killings of the victims”, and thus, he is now able to have some freedom.

The board noted his “advanced age and poor health” but added that they were “mindful of the tragic loss of two lives and the ensuing pain and suffering to their families as noted by the presence of victim family members at the hearing today.

“The Board is compelled to remind you that you are serving a life sentence and you will be under supervision for the rest of your life,” they continued.

Dakin will not be living nearby and the board acknowledged he took “extra care to relocate from the area in order to avoid further harm to the victims’ family members.”

The former resident was reported as spending many of his days with his daughter and plans to live in a one-bedroom apartment near her as he volunteers with a local woodworking group.