The quick actions of three boys — one age 11 and others age 12 — saved a man’s life on Thursday, in a move police called a “heroic act”.

The boys were riding their bicycles by Silvercreek Pkwy South and Eden St. when they came across an unconscious 41-year-old man lying on the train tracks. They immediately got help from a nearby construction site and waited for emergency services to arrive, police said in a press release.

The pre-teens directed paramedics to the scene, who successfully resuscitated. A half-hour later, a train passed by in the very area the man was a few minutes prior, which could have killed him.

Guelph Police noted that all three were wearing bike helmets and were rewarded with a Dairy Queen “ticket” for safe bicycling.

Police did not reveal why the man was unconscious on the tracks.

If anyone who knows the three boys that are in this story, feel free to ask them to connect with The Post for an interview.