Guelph Museums put out a call on Monday inviting contemporary artists to participate in a new exhibition focused on decolonization that is scheduled to open up near the beginning of August alongside a musical about the city’s founder, John Galt.

Art As Activism: Truth, Survivance and Resilience is described as “an exhibition about our collective journey toward decolonization, through the submission or art works that reflect personal experienced and challenges the conventions of institutional space.”

The exhibition will launch “in conjunction with the performance of John Galt and The Instant City, a musical theatre production that navigates Galt’s background as a writer and colonist,” Guelph Museums said in a press release.

“Both the exhibition and the performance will question Galt’s positionality in the context of our local Indigenous history and the impact of colonization that continues to shape Guelph today.”

The invitation is open to all artists who produce wall-mounted works in a broad range of media and those interested can submit a maximum of three works. Installation and technical requirements must be included in the application.

There is no cost to apply and selected artists will each receive an exhibition fee of $149. Any interested artists are asked to give in their submissions via the Guelph Museums email by July 7.