Andy McCann-Pappin, a nominee seeking to run for the New Democratic Party in the fall federal election, is holding a campaign launch at the Cornerstone Café downtown, his campaign said on Sunday, and he received an endorsement from James Gordon, a sitting councillor.

The NDP are the last major party to choose a candidate after the Conservatives voted to have Dr. Ashish Sachan run as their candidate.

McCann-Pappin is up against challenger Aisha Jahangir and the winner of the nomination contest will face off against Sachan, incumbent MP Lloyd Longfield, Green Steve Dyck and the People’s Party’s Mark Paralovos this fall.

The campaign launch starts at 7 p.m. McCann-Pappin wrote in the event page description that he looks forward to “hearing your questions, concerns and what direction you want our local campaign to take”.

His competitor Jahangir announced a campaign launch taking place early on Tuesday morning.

Gordon, who is also a city councillor, endorsed McCann-Pappin’s campaign as an individual on Sunday, saying that “he has the experience and knowledge necessary to step forward and represent us well”. Gordon hired the NDP hopeful as his campaign manager last year that saw his re-election.

“With his background, and with the profile he’s gaining in our community as an advocate for many of the issues that align with NDP values, I have no hesitation in endorsing him,” Gordon added. The Ward 2 councillor ran as the NDP candidate in the 2011 provincial election.

The New Democrats will choose their candidate on June 22 at the Evergreen Centre.