Dr. Ashish Sachan won the Conservative Party nomination after a two-way race on Thursday evening, saying that it is “going to take everyone in this room” to elect a Tory member of parliament in Guelph.

“When my family and I chose Canada as a forever home…I never dreamed of this day,” Sachan said in his victory speech in the Holiday Inn on Stone Rd., adding that “shows the potential of Canada” and “what a first generation immigrant can do when opportunities are provided to that person.”

“I’m honoured and humbled by the support you have shown me tonight. The path to victory in October begins right here, right now,” he said, telling reporters after his speech he feels confident Guelph will turn blue.

Sachan will be vying for the Guelph riding for the federal election on Oct. 23 against incumbent Liberal MP Lloyd Longfield, Green candidate Steve Dyck, Mark Paralovos of the People’s Party and against a candidate from the New Democrats, who announced on Thursday evening their two nominees.

Sachan described what he called a shift in the political landscape in Guelph. As he aims to take on Longfield in a riding that has not had a Tory MP since Bill Winegard was elected in 1988, he may be looking to fend off another candidate.

The Green Party’s Dyck has the lead in a 338Canada projection, that reported in early May that Guelph was leaning Green. The analysis takes into consideration election history, polls and demographic data — and its facilitator P.J. Fournier said the Greens have a shot.

However, Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party leads national polling and aggregates have the Tories winning a minority government if an election was held now. The ruling Liberals lost a significant lead in the polls after a political affair around construction firm SNC-Lavalin shook Ottawa earlier this year.

Indian-born Sachan said that him and his team “have certainly brought different communities together, which were traditionally a non-voting bloc” after the meeting, saying it “feels like a vindication”.

Sachan has lived in Guelph for the last six years, after moving from the United States where he completed his studies. He brought a wife, Amita, and two children with him when he moved to Guelph in 2013.

The Tory candidate has a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine and a Master’s in Veterinary Pharmacology — both of which he acquired in India. His PhD in Toxicology is from Iowa State University.

Dr. Sachan is currently the chief science officer in a green technology company, according to a biography handout. He is heavily involved in the toxicology community with several awards, peer-reviewed publications and has even served on a board of directors.

Sachan has been involved in the Guelph community for some time and in various roles. He serves currently as the president of the Hindu Society of Guelph and was the recipient of a Canada 150 community leader award for “exceptional leadership” and making “outstanding contributions” in the city.