In a report to be presented at Council’s Committee-of-the-Whole on Monday, city staff recommend that two fenced-in dog parks could be possible by the end of the year for Peter Misersky and Bristol Street Parks.

Currently, the city offers eight leash-free areas, which staff say exceeds the service levels for leash-free areas per population when compared to other cities, however, they admit in the Leash-Free Program Policy that Guelph is behind when it comes to full fenced in lead-free parks

The first proposed fenced-in area, Peter Miserky, will be made up of a recently decommissioned baseball diamond, staff wrote in the report, which is a “relatively flat space” near parking that “can be built on immediately” — adding that work could begin immediately if Council approves.

Staff wrote that Bristol St.’s park “provides a highly visible facility that is central to the city” due to its easy access to the Hanlon Expressway and nearby bus stops, including existing parking. After the soccer fields are moved to Eastview Park, work could be begin at the end of August.

Both off-leash, fenced-in ares would be funded by existing city capital funds and the approved expenditure is $200,000. An additional project is recommended by staff for Lee Street Park where an existing leash-free area could be fenced in if approved by Council for 2020.

If Council votes on a related motion later this month at the next meeting then expect Mayor Cam Guthrie to support it as his 2018 re-election platform included a plank to “create fenced-in dog parks across our city”.