Guelph residents near the end of June will have an opportunity to recycle items that would normally head to a landfill and learn more about how to repurpose the trash in unique ways.

The Guelph Tool Library will be hosting a community recycling event and barbeque from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on June 29 at Tytler Public School.

“Re:Purpose Fest is the ideal companion to the programs we have run this year, Zer Waste Coordinator Stephanie Clark said in a press release.

“Since September we have been running a workshop series that allows participants to cut down on waste and creatively reuse everyday items, all while learning about how waste is processed in our city and beyond.”

Representatives from the City of Guelph Solid Waste Resources Department will also be on hand to speak about what can be recycled in Guelph. 

“Recycling plays a huge part in reducing Guelph’s environmental footprint, and the success of our recycling program is truly a community effort,” said Waste Management Policy Analyst Shelley Lorenz.

Visitors to Re:Purpose Fest will also learn about the City of Guelph’s on-line Waste Wizard tool and how to use it.

Additional tables and displays will be set up to collect items and provide information about what is being recycled.

These are some of the items that are being collected:

  • small toy parts
  • mascara wands
  • suitcases
  • wine corks
  • books, in particular children’s books, will be collected for a program that supports inmates in local jails
  • blankets, towels and sheets will be collected for the Guelph Humane Society
  • School supplies and arts and crafts materials will be collected for the Two Rivers Neighbourhood Group Backpack Program and the Creation Station
  • Cell phones are being collected on behalf of the Toronto Zoo to protect habitat for great apes in Central Africa

Another uncommon item being recycled is VHS tapes.  Since their introduction in 1970s, over 2 billion VHS tapes have been sold in Canada.  

The vast majority of them end up in the landfill, even though over 80 per cent of the VHS tape is recyclable.  Working with Red Propeller, the Guelph Tool Library will be collecting and recycling these tapes for a “pay what you can” fee.