The Transit Action Alliance of Guelph elected a seven-member board of directors on Wednesday night during their first annual general meeting, kicking off their existence as a non-profit organization, continuing their advocacy work for better transit.

Co-founder and former city Council candidate Steven Petric, along with Mary Ann Burrows, John Marchese, Joy Thompson, Trevor Price, Mara Bender and Barbara Sim were acclaimed to the board as there was room for 15 people.

Coun. June Hofland was in attendance to give her support from Council and an update on the work being done by staff at city hall. The councillor is considered by many in the transit advocacy organization to be an ally.

There was some debate over how many members should be present for quorum in order for future annual general meetings to take place, but it was solved with a motion that brought down the needed percentage from 50 per cent plus one to 40 per cent.

In total, there were 33 members of the organization as of Wednesday night and just over a dozen were present in person. The newly acclaimed board will vote amongst themselves at a meeting in July to designate official positions, current chair Petric told The Post.