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Throughout Ontario today, labour and concerned citizens are involved in a Day of Action to Resist Ford Cuts, including a protest against Nestle in Puslinch — and tonight in Guelph, we get to celebrate this past year of Mike’s leadership for Guelph and for Ontario.

I moved to Guelph in 2014 and was elated to learn the leader of the Green Party of Ontario was my Green candidate. Fast forward to May 2018 at Mike’s Campaign Launch, and I became involved in the effort to elect Mike by volunteering to foot canvas, knock on doors and identify Green Voters.

The experience of talking to people throughout the city and learning what was important here, changed me. Learning so much from so many and creating a community of Greens in the process was totally amazing.

There were two major questions I heard while speaking with people at their homes, and in the community; “Why should I vote for someone who has no chance of forming government?” and “What can one MPP do?”

In response to the first question, I answered the only way I knew how, with my personal reasons, and stated, “my greatest fear is that the PC’s will gain a majority and I believe Guelph almost has an obligation to the rest of Ontario, to vote for Mike, so there is one sane rational voice at Queen’s Park.

Many have said they would vote for Mike if they thought there was a chance for him to actually win, and if other volunteers knocking on doors are having a similar experience, and everyone who says they want to vote for Mike, actually vote for Mike, well, Green will win by a landslide.”

So my greatest fear was realized, and Guelph made history; I guess people actually voted the way they wanted as Mike won by a landslide, or a you might say Green Tsunami came through Guelph.

In answer to the second, I explained, “Mike has already proven what one person can do. He worked across party lines to get corporate money out of politics. He worked with Liberal Leader, Kathleen Wynne, to lower the maximum donation to a political party to a personal amount of $1,600 per year, no corporate donations permitted.

Mike then worked to have PC Leader, Patrick Brown, and NDP Leader, Andrea Horwath both sign on. Over the past year Mike has proven, again and again, that he works to protect the people and places we love in this province.

He stands up at every opportunity to either hold the government to account or to applaud them, depending upon how their decisions align with the Green Platform, and basic common sense, always putting evidence before ideology in sound policy formation.

Mike and his team work tirelessly to ensure we, his constituents, are informed. Whether it is the monthly MPP newsletter and coffee chats, regular community events and quarterly Town Halls, social media posts to how he votes and why, or being at as many local community events as he can possibly attend (between 4 and 8 events every Saturday and Sunday), Mike has proven he knows how to do politics differently.

The virtually daily assault of the PC government on those most vulnerable in our society since they came to power has been exhausting to many of us. I am so grateful to have Mike Schreiner as my representative against the short sighted choices of this government and the Champion for all Ontarians who have a deep concern about where we are headed.

As we move in to our next election at the Federal level, I am excited to work to help fellow Guelphites understand that voting your heart, and ignoring the fear mongering about strategic voting, will move us in to a better place. A place where political representatives actually represent their constituents first, and their party does not whip the vote.

Congratulations Guelph on the past year of local successes after making history.

Morgan Hannah is an active member of the Green Party. On Friday night, there will be a celebration marking one year since Schreiner won starting at 8 p.m. at the Red Papaya.