A People’s Party of Canada event featuring Maxime Bernier scheduled for next week had its original booking cancelled on Saturday evening due to safety concerns over a planned “anti-fascist rally” that was planned to take place outside the town hall-style gathering.


A graphic image advertising the rally was posted by the Revolutionary Communist Party of Guelph Facebook page that depicted a knife stabbing a swastika and had text saying that “Bernier and his racist goons are enemies to the working-class people!”

In response, local PPC candidate Mark Paralovos told The Post on Friday night that he contacted the police. The rally was organized by local activist and the communist organization and was planned to take place outside the event in the Guelph Youth Music Centre.

“The language and imagery used in the social media posts is concerning for the safety of the members of our community who are planning to attend this event, and for the GYMC,” a press release from Mark Paralovos sent to media said on Saturday evening.

Due to the safety concerns and the potential for property damage to occur, the GYMC cancelled the event booking for Bernier and Paralovos. The local candidate added that they would be receiving a full refund and extended their appreciation to the GYMC and its staff.

Those who had bought $20 tickets for the event would be sent an email, Paralovos wrote in the release. It was not immediately clear at the time if the party leader would still be coming to Guelph.

In response to the cancellation, Maxime Bernier in a Facebook post wrote “communist thugs manage to get a PPC event in Guelph cancelled after threatening violence”, criticizing what he calls the “far left”.

The Revolutionary Communists page called the booking cancellation a “huge win for the Guelph working class” and incorrectly stated that “Maxime Bernier and his fascist goons have been shut out of Guelph”, as there has been confirmation Bernier’s visit has been cancelled.

Petition launched against Bernier visit

Change.org petition has been started by local activists calling on the GYMC’s board of directors to “nullify its plan to host Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada”.

Jamie Gibson, who created the petition, told The Post that the letter was not from one party and is only partisan insofar that signees believe the People’s Party is a home for bigotry and “should not be welcome in our community.”

The initial version of the petition apparently insinuated the idea that the Guelph Youth Music Centre invited Bernier to its facility for the event, and the organization had to put out a tweet to clarify this was untrue.

Gibson called Paralovos’ denial that the PCC was racist or sexist an “absurd” claim.

He added earlier on Saturday that he expected the incoming press release to be an “opportunistic attempt to distract Guelphites from Bernier’s documented history and past actions.”

Correction: The original headline read that the event was cancelled, but it is actually the event booking that was cancelled.


  1. Funny how the antifascists are behaving like fascists. These groups are funded lobbyists, and they are violent in nature. Anything opposed to or critical of their basically leninist ideology. By any means necessary, what do you suppose that insinuates? They are essentially terrorists. Ask yourself why they havenot been declared as a terrorist organization when it is crystal clear what they are upto, they even openly brag about it and plot online out in the open over social media. Notice the media are mum over the fact that their tactics and the harm they cause others is oozing of the same sort of evil reserved for their oppoments: nazi, racist, homophobe, bigot, mysogynist, transphobe. They mark people and herald mob mentality, online and in person. All of their largest critics get to endure harassment, they launch campaigns, smear and defame, slapp suit to silence, deploy violence, frame to reversd aggrrssor victim roles. That is what makes them so utterly evil. Their dragnet is never ending until communism is instilled, then like a female preying mantis after mating, their percect state purges the world of their existence (being the only potential oppositional threat remaining to it’s power).

    Boiled down, this amounts to operating a censorship campaign to censor mad max. It is a form of election tampering, which is a crime in this country. In fact to be clear, that specific mob/cult is lawless, and it has no place in a civil society that can handle its affairs with diplomacy and without harming people.

  2. Arsonist starts fire.
    Houses burn.
    Firefighters arrive with pressure hoses and axes.
    Local paper prints story focussing on dainty people fainting at the sight of scary dangerous firemen.
    Fascists ARE the enemy of all
    Anti-fascists are your friends.

    • Are you threatening members of a legitimate political party? But you are too scared to take off your mask o your real name, you gutless sniveling puke, you and your comrades are a cancer on society.

    • There havent been nazis around since 1945, the deluded morons running around with masks, and putting up threatening posters about legitamate politcal events, the ones that call themselves ANTIFA are closest group to nazis that currently exist.

  3. That poster is just free speech, not an enticement or endorsement for violence. It’s a call-back to World War 2 era posters, which any patriot could tell. Fascists are never patriots.

  4. The name of this Marxist/anarchist organization is Antifa and is not anti-fascist in any way,shape or form. They are a dangerous cancer on our country. Spend 5 minutes on YouTube watching these people attacking and mobbing people to see what I mean. The other parties need to come out publicly and condemn this hate-group.

  5. Hatetred seems to be the only voice of the left.what ever Maxine Bernier has to say , if you don’t like what he has to say don’t go to his meetings.that is free speech.regular Canadians welcome free speech and debate.it’s those who hate Canada and what it represents are free to go back to where they came from. Canada is for people who love our beautiful country and it’s people. Maxine Bernier is a voice like many people of this great and Beautiful country.since the last election you don’t see people stacking Mr Trudeau even though he is the worst PM ever . No if you don’t like someone you vote them out , you don’t use violence to show your peace.

  6. why are these thugs always trying to shut down any discussion. If the PUBLIC supports that they want to go to such events, why are antifa and similar ilk shutting down and smearing the events as nazi’s ect. This behavior has to be stopped and posters like the one above are violence and threats, disguised as art,imposed on the coming speaker. ANY group that may take to the streets in masks should go to jail for disturbing the peace for just having a masks on as a group. Another good idea while in custody is to do a psychological assessment to see if they are a danger to others or themselves. Lets open up some of the psychiatric facilities to deal with this behavior as its obviously not in the public’s interest to allow it to continue in any way. Make all activity of NGO’s or charity’s, whos funds being used for a political purpose, illegal as it is their money funding the fomentors of these groups activities. It is not a mystery anymore where the impetus is coming from for these groups, and these groups must be lanced like a boil from society, and then the rehabilitation of the ones who make up these groups as non violent members of society.

  7. Where are the police ? What good is all this hate crime legislation? How can leftist goons with a history of over the top violence be allowed to shut down a legitimate meeting of citizens? What would the RCMP do if someone put up threatening posters for a trudeau rally? Why is there no protection for citizens that are not leftists? Where is the CBC? Where is Goodale? Unlike the right wing bogeyman they are always pushing , this is real , is it because it is leftist thugs that CBC and goodale cannot be bothered?

  8. Antifa are Marxist-Leninist & anarchist terrorists and those responsible should be arrested and prosecuted for their terroristic threats.


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