Happy Monday Guelph!ย  Sunny today, and it’s going to be a beautiful one.ย  Gas Prices, Weather, UV index, the Pollen Report and Traffic below.


Beautiful sunny skies today.ย  A 0% chance of precipitation today.ย  A high of 24C.ย  Sunset today at 8:59pm.

The UV index today will be 10, or very high.

Clear skies through tonight as well.ย  A low of 13C.ย  Sunrise tomorrow morning at 5:38am.

Allergy Report

courtesy TheWeatherNetwork

Local Gas Prices

courtesy GasBuddy.com

Gas prices are up by almost 3 cents, sitting at an average of 99.2ยข per litre.ย  Use the map below to find the cheapest gas near you:

courtesy GasBuddy.com



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