A peaceful anti-racism protest in support of the Black Lives Matter movement is planned for Saturday, in front of Guelph’s city hall.  The protest comes on the heels of other protests erupting in the US and around the world as protesters air their anger and grief over the murder of African-Americans at the hands of police.

George Floyd was murdered last week when an Minneapolis officer kneels into his neck for over nine minutes. Dereck Chauvin has been charged with second degree murder

While some protests have included some individuals looting and causing property damage, the overwhelming majority of these have been peaceful.  Guelph’s own protest emphasizes it as a ‘peaceful protest’

“This is a peaceful protest/gathering in support of our Canadian BIPOC and our American [neighbours] who face disproportionate rates of police brutality and systematic racism,” READS the description of the event 

Signs are encouraged at the protest.  Masks will also be mandatory, as the public protests take place during the global coronavirus pandemic.  Organizers ask that if you experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms not to march and to stay home instead.

Following health guidelines of physical distancing, protesters are required to maintain a distance of two-metres from other attendees they do not live with.  Attendees are also asked to march in groups of 5 or under, and to maintain a six foot distance between groups.



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