I’m going on record to say that it is my opinion that a lot of people are enamoured with the idea of being something. It could be being a coach it could be being an anything. Whether this is a bi- product of the instant gratification and quick to boredom culture we live in, who knows.

It seems to me that people are falling prey to the instant solution to their “problem/desire” game. Whether this is a get money fast, or grow your business fast, or lose weight in 30 days program you can’t really blame the people who are offering “solutions” but come on, when is the last time something in the real world just happened without putting in real time and real effort.

To be clear, if I thought I could get guaranteed enlightenment or the keys to success from a course or coach no price would be too high but so far it does not seem to work that way. Now this is not to say that I have not done courses and mentorship programs, I certainly have and I have gotten a lot out of them and will continue to do so when they are right for what I need now. But I have never and will never look at them to be the answer. They have been touchstones and guideposts on a much longer journey.

Something I do regularly when people are struggling at my gym is ask them how long it took them to get good at what they do outside of the gym. Invariably they say it took a long time. “So if I were to walk into your job how long would it take me to get good at it?” This seems to clear up any misconceptions about what is required to get to their wellness goal. The gym like any other endeavour is one of patience, learning consistency and effort. I have been a physical coach for years, I have logged in the ballpark of 20 thousand hours with close to a thousand individuals and I still learn from every single new client.

So, next time you are not getting wherever you are going quickly enough, take a moment, think about what you are already really good at and give your self a break. Getting good at anything takes time.

Enjoy the journey, as far as you know it is the only one you have.


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