Good Morning, Guelph! It’s Tuesday, the 16th of June today.  Sunny today; a high of 24C.  Gas Prices, Weather, UV index, the Pollen Report and Traffic below.


Sunny skies and clear today.  A high of 24C.  The humidity will sit at 48%.  A 0% chance of precipitation through the day.  Winds are blowing from the East North East at 10km/h.  Sunset today at 9:03pm.

The UV index today will be 8, or Very High

  • Extra precautions required – unprotected skin will be damaged and can burn quickly
  • Avoid the sun between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. and take full precautions – seek shade, cover up, wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen

Clear skies tonight.  A low of 10C.  Sunrise tomorrow at 5:38am.

Allergy Report

courtesy TheWeatherNetwork

Seasonal allergies are in the ‘very high’ count, meaning any allergens are sitting between 81 – 200 particles per meter cubed of air tested.  Here’s whats in the air today:

courtesy TheWeatherNetwork


Local Gas Prices


Gas Prices are mostly unchanged this morning.  The lowest price in town is up by .6cents, but the average is the same.  Prices are sitting at an average of 97.2¢ per litre.  Use the map below to find the cheapest gas near you:




The Roads throughout the Royal City look fairly clear this morning; there are some minor slow downs along The Hanlon and along Highway 7 through downtown.



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