Good Morning, Guelph, and happy Tuesday.  Partly cloudy today, with some rain, some sun and some heat.  Gas Prices, Weather, UV index, the Pollen Report and Traffic below.


Cloudy to start the day, a chance of rain at 9am. Cloud cover then moves off and we get a sun/cloud mix on and off until the late evening, where we have a good chance of some thunderstorms.  A high today of 26.  Sunset today at 8:55pm.

The UV index today will be 7, or high.

Thunderstorms in the early evening will continue into the overnight, turning into a sun/cloud mix before turning back into rain for tomorrow morning.  A low tonight of 16.  Sunrise tomorrow at 5:40am.

Allergy Report

courtesy TheWeatherNetwork

Local Gas Prices


Average Gas prices sit at 94.-¢ per litre, up slightly since last night.  Prices are expect to go down tomorrow.



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