Hi and welcome.

ThatGuelph is happy to welcome you to our growing and improving team of contributing writers, staff journalists and trained editors. You are here because you’ve agreed to join our contribution team or have been accepted to our staff. Either way, we are happy to have you!

My name is Eli Ridder and I am the editor-in-chief here at ThatGuelph and will be taking you through some of the basics about how to give the Newsdesk your pitches, submit content for approval and more.

Give Your Pitch

You have a story idea, and now you need to pitch it. The best way to submit a pitch is via the Facebook Messenger Pitches Only chat that you will have been added to. To submit a pitch, simply send a sentence or two on what you want to write about.

There will also be opportunities to pick up assignments. In the Pitch Only chat myself or another editor will send a notification out about an upcoming event or angle that needs coverage for ThatGuelph. If you give that message a ‘thumbs up’ or say you’ll cover it, then we will hold you to it!

Get Content Approved

Your story is done and you want it published. First of all, you will have written your story completely in the best way you can following our Writers’ Guide via ThatGuelph’s WordPress — you will get a login. If you are a Contributor or a non-editing Staff, then your stories will be Submitted for Approval by clicking the button in the top right. You can update this anytime.

For more help with this, visit our Writers’ Guide, it has everything.

Need Help?

Anytime, please message myself, Eli Ridder, or any of our editors for the help you need. You can reach us easiest through Facebook Messenger, by emailing editor@thatguelph.ca or elsewhere.