Weekly Podium

Welcome to the Weekly Podium.

The Weekly Podium is a weekly column from residents across the city, though it usually aims to feature politicians, business owners and other prominent figures of different groups. Diversity is definitely the key.

If you would like to submit a Weekly Podium and be our guest columnist for a Friday then please contact us.

Submission Guidelines

  • The Weekly Podium requires articles to be submitted, at the latest, by Thursday at 5 p.m. ET of the week you want the piece to be posted.
  • WP articles can be submitted to The Guelph Post via any of the contact means on the Contact page, through social media or via any pre-arranged method of communication.
  • Submissions must be at least 500 words long, but no longer than 2,000 unless give permission otherwise by the editor.
  • Authors are encouraged to submit photos with their pieces but those must be properly attributed and not copyright. The Post can supply or help you find a photo, video or GIF if needed, just let us know.
  • Topics must have a tie-in to either Guelph, Ontario, Canada or international affairs that could relate to Guelph residents. There is some flexibility here but the WP is mostly Guelph-focused.
  • There should not be any inappropriate language in the submission. This can include speech that could be interpreted as “hate speech” or wording that targets specific groups or organizations in an inappropriate manner.

Thank you for your interest.