The Guelph rental market saw very few changes from month to month, according to the new May 2019 report from Padmapper, a rental apartment finding service.

Eight major Canadian cities saw an increase in rental prices, while three saw a decrease.  Thirteen other major cities simply remained flat, according to Padmapper.

“While more than half of the total cities continued to have flat monthly growth rates, the cities that experienced an upward trend actually more than doubled when compared to the previous rent report,” said Padmapper.

The top five priciest markets in Canada remained mostly the same from last month, with Barrie pushing out Victoria, BC, for fifth place.
cost of rent

Toronto is still the most expensive city in the country to rent an apartment: in May the price of a one bedroom dropped by a solid $10 to sit at $2,250.

In Guelph, the average rent for a one bedroom apartment dropped by .21%, and is currently sitting around $1,400.

Vancity had the second most expensive rent in Canada, with Burnaby, Montreal and Barrie rounding out the top 5.  Barrie’s price for a one bedroom stands at $1,440.

Barrie, Ontario pushed Victoria out of fifth place. Barrie’s one bedroom rent increased by 4.3% to $1,440. Two bedrooms were flat at $1,400.

The best price in the country is in Windsor, where a one bedroom rents for $800.

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