It’s Thursday, September 12th. A cooler day than yesterday today.  It’s going to be partly cloudy;  The high will be 19. Allergy Report, Weather, Traffic and Gas Prices all below.

A 10% chance of some light showers to start the day.  Going to be cloudy as well until around 2:00pm.  Then we could get a mix of sun and clouds after that.  A high of 19 around the 4:00pm hour.

The UV Index high will be 4 or Moderate

Clear skies tonight, and chance of some cloud in the early morning hours..  Sunset tonight at 7:35pm.  The low tomorrow will be 11 degrees; sunrise at 6:56am

Allergy Report

Local Gas Prices


Gas prices edged up over night, sitting now at 113.5¢.  You can find Gas for cheaper – the lowest reported price is somewhere around 103.9¢.


Some traffic issues for your Thursday commute:  Highway 7 is backed up both ways in and out of the city.  Some big slowdowns heading out of town along the 124.  The Hanlon looks like it is in pretty good shape.

The 401 is in really great condition this morning.  Some slowdowns approaching Kelso Conservation area and then slowdowns in Milton but nothing major until you get past James Snow Parkway

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