It’s Friday the 13th.  It’s going to be a cloudy day today;  The high will be 22. Allergy Report, Weather, Traffic and Gas Prices all below.

Cloud cover to start the day.  A 40% chance of rain moving in around the 2:00pm hour, turning into an 80% chance of thunderstorms by 6:00pm.  The humidity will clock in at around 87%.  A high of 22.

The UV Index high will be 4 or Moderate

Rain through the overnight, clouds moving out and skies clearing for early tomorrow morning.  Sunset tonight at 7:45pm.  The low to start the day tomorrow will be 13 degrees; sunrise at 6:57am

Allergy Report

Local Gas Prices

Gas prices are hovering around the same values as yesterday: the average is up 1.5¢, but the lowest price in the area is actually down .5¢.  Prices expected to increase through the overnight.


The Royal City has some minor slowdowns for your Friday morning.  A couple slow spots along Highway 7, and the Hanlon.  A lot of random slow spots throughout the city as well.

Commuter traffic looks great however; the 401 is moving well in both directions.  Highway 6 has the now usual jams through Aberfoyle for road work, but clears up after.

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