Shortly after lunch time on Monday, Sept. 16, 2019, a 11-year old boy who left school without permission was found by the police.  Seemed he had ‘gone fishin’.

Police went to a favorite fishing hole of the boy on the Speed River, where he stood shirtless, soaking, smiling and holding enormous fish. During the escapade luring the fish in, the boy had even broken his fishing rod.

The officer took time to explain patiently how important it was to stay in school, or at least notify someone of his whereabouts. The boy was taken home and the officer was told by his mother that the boy likes fishing and that the newly broken rod in July was his birthday present.

The officer went to Hook Line and Sinker, the local fishing shop in Guelph, and talked to the owner about the boy. The owner then happily donated the boy a new rod and buckle. Guelph Police never condones truancy but are glad that the boy can do what he loves.

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