We try not to take a lot of time or space to address our readers very often.  We believe we can do that through our stories we publish; but today, it’s a little different.  We have to talk about something that is important to our team, and then we’re going to take a day.  If there is one story we publish today, we want this to be it.

To be fair, we don’t actually consider this editorializing or a note from the editor.  It’s a fact.  We’re writing this because of the facts at hand.

Everyone who writes for ThatGuelph would describe our work as being focused on this city, our city.  The Royal City.

That means the issues that are and will effect us.  That includes our environment, climate, and our future.  We work closely with the team over at IONS, our sister site, where they discuss science, technology and the future in a very real and upcoming way.

With respect to anyone’s personal opinions, we value truth above all.  We value science, which is the search for truth.  And the truth is beyond clear.

Which is why we’re taking today, the day of the Global Climate Strike, away from our work.

If truth and science and facts are the cornerstones of our higher reasoning, there is no story that is more important that what our future is going to look like.  To be very clear, having studied, read up on, and worked closely with writers at IONS who are devoted to understanding and parsing science, we are facing a climate Emergency.  We are very clearly talking about the future of humanity.

Caring about our climate and our city is about caring for your family, friends, yourself, this city and the wider world around us.  If we do not face the facts and make some serious changes, our future is less than clear.  The science, however, is very clear.

We need to act.

The facts are simple:

Our planet is very much on a tipping point, and we’re tipping over the wrong side.  Climate change is real, and it will effect Guelph.  It will effect our city’s temperature, water security, and wildlife.  As glaciers made of saltier water melt into the ocean, currents will slow, and entire biomes will change, if not fail.

We’re already seeing the symptoms:  South Africa and Australia are running out of water to drink.  The Amazon is burning to the ground.  Micro-plastics are in our water, and our rain.  Garbage is everyone, from the middle of the ocean to the top of Mount Everest.  As the global population increases, these problems will get worse.  Food security is already a big global issue.

So why strike?

What will that actually accomplish?  After all, we’re a local rag, a website.  You, the reader, just one person.  Its hard to imagine our little decision will impact the city, much less the world.  Thats why our answer isn’t an easy one.  We need to talk about this every day.  We need to make this THE issue, every day.

And we need to make big change, on a scale not seen since the last World War.  And it’s not a matter of should or shouldn’t.  Right or Left.  Liberal, Conservative, or any false choice.  This is a matter of do or die.

On behalf of the entire team at ThatGuelph: We’ll be on the streets today, and back in the office on Monday.

So here’s to tomorrow, and all the tomorrows to come. Because there will never be enough of them.


Richard Dias
and the rest of the ThatGuelph team

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