The strange gentrification of Canada’s most iconic coffee chain took another left turn this week, as the national chain offered up it’s new meatless menu option: The Tim Hortons Beyond Burger.

Tim Hortons, which officially rolled out three new breakfast sandwhiches last month, all of which feature “100% plant-based sausage” patties, announced last wednesday that the Meatless veggie burger would now be available at over 4,000 locations country wide.

“This marks the first time Tim Hortons has been able to include a burger on the menu because the burger patty is prepared in the same way as the Beyond Sausage patty for the new breakfast sandwiches,” read the press release.

“The 100% plant-based burger patty was developed by Beyond Meat to taste like a beef burger. The result is a truly satisfying burger experience.”

Well, it’s worked out pretty well so far for A&W.

Customers can order the burger in two way: Regular ( topped with processed cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, lettuce and tomato slides) or the BBQ Beyond Burger, which swaps the ketchup and mustard for barbecue sauce.  Both will cost $5.69 – not bad, considering the patties retail for $7.99/two at most grocery stores.

If you are interested in see what new experiments Timmy’s has up its coffee-cup-sleeve, in addition to the burgers, the chain is reading it’s new Boutique Cafe in Toronto’s financial district, set to open in August.  Would you like Matcha latte with your Beyond Burger?

Top Photo courtesy Tim Hortons

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