Canadians will make a choice at the ballot box on Oct. 21 or in predictive voting, but many are still unsure who they’re going to vote for. Well we’re here to help.

How do I decide?

CBC has a tool called Vote Compass — a quick and easy online test to align you with the party that might match and suit your personal political beliefs.

Another tool of the same name and design is also available here.

A Student-centric program called StudentVote has tons of resources and tools to help students vote at school in an informed manner. also has a quiz to help you find out which party you align with.

If you have any questions about HOW to vote, ElectionsCanada has you covered.

Who will be Prime Minister?

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is currently the prime minister of Canada, and the liberal party is the party currently in power. He is the PM because his party won a majority in the House of Commons, and he is the leader of the party.

The Conservative Party of Canada, led by Andrew Scheer is currently in a virtual tied with the Liberals and has the best chance to take power away from the Liberal party. The government of Canada and the control of commons often switches between Liberal and Tory, and has done so since 1867.

Do other parties matter?

Its hard to say.  Of course, they do.  But no party other than Liberal or Conservative have ever held power.  In 2011, the New Democratic Party took second place for the first time in Canadian history as the Liberals were swept out at the ballot box and they became the Official Opposition.

The NDP, who are currently polling at 13% nationally, are generally seen as a third option. But also in the running are the Green Party of Canada, the controversial People’s Party of Canada, and the Quebec-only Bloc Québécois, a party committed to Quebec independence.

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