Happy Tuesday! It’s October 29th today.  Cloudy today; it’s currently 4.  The high today will be 16 degrees.  Clear skies tonight with a low of 5.  Allergy Report, Weather, Traffic and Gas Prices all below.

Cloudy all day today; a touch of sunshine in the morning, but cloud cover will take over by 9am.  Humidity sitting at 100%.  We’ll hit a high of 16 degrees by 3:00pm.  A 10% chance of rain today.  Pressure sitting around 1018 hPa, and winds coming in from the North NorthEast at a lazy 3km/h.  Visibility is fine today, up to 8.1 km, it currently feels like 4 degrees.

The UV index is currently 0.  The UV Index Max for today is 2 or Low.

Sunset tonight at 6:15pm.  Cloud cover will continue overnight and into tomorrow morning..  We’ll start the day tomorrow at 5 degrees.  Sunrise is set for 7:52 am.

Allergy Report

All seasonal allergies have hit the ‘low’ count, meaning any particles are sitting in the 1 – 20 grains/.  Now that the frost has moved in, don’t expect any reading above 20 g/m³

Local Gas Prices

Gas prices unchanged from the overnight. Gas prices are sitting around 115.0¢ per litre in the Guelph area.  Prices are expected to rise slightly again at midnight.  You can find cheaper gas hovering around the 103.9¢ range at some locations, using the map of the city below.

Costco at Elmira Road currently has gas for the best price in the city, at 108.9¢.


Great looking traffic for a Tuesday morning.  No major slowdowns to report.  Minor traffic jams in the usual spots, but Highway 7 and the Hanlon both look to be in better than usual condition.

Commuter traffic is also pretty good this morning: no issues into and out of KW.  Some minor delays trying to get on and off the 401 at Highway 6 South and through Morriston.  Some slow downs eastbound after Kelso, and then along through Milton.

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